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Jess and Dan believe

that sharing our stories can change people’s lives and impact them in profound ways. They have been sharing their stories and speaking to professional and student audiences for almost 30 years, visiting all 50 states and Canada with audiences ranging from 30 to 3,000.

They’ve seen the power stories have on the people in their audiences, and they are passionate about helping others share their stories. Jess and Dan have helped many individuals amplify their messages to launch their speaking careers. They’re ready to launch a new generation of speakers who are ready to share powerful messages with the world.

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We offer several course options based on where you are in your speaker journey. From new to speaking to a seasoned pro who’s looking to break into the college market, we’re here to help you bring inspiration, knowledge, and action to college students!

Jess Gendron

Jess Gendron

Jessica Gendron is a women’s leadership expert and culture strategist.

As President & CEO of The Center for Leadership Excellence she has spent the last several years studying successful female leaders and workplace culture. As a female CEO, she encountered many barriers throughout her career, and she felt alone in her experiences. She now helps women strengthen their leadership skills so they can shatter glass ceilings and actively advises businesses on how to create inclusive and equitable workplaces.

Jessica is the host of a video series highlighting the journeys of female leaders called Ladies Leading and has authored two books on building relationships. She has spoken on leadership, female friendship, workplace culture, and equity and inclusion for over 15 years, to hundreds of audiences nationwide.

Learn more about Jess at jessgendron.com.

Dan Faill

Dan Faill

Dan Faill helps teams and human beings create environments that allow for conversations that matter.

Dan gives people the confidence to no longer have imposter syndrome and shift from fitting in to standing out. After 15 years working in higher education with Gens X, Y, and Z, Dan uses his experience to help others create better conversations by asking better questions and connecting with others on a more human level.

Dan has worked with Hulu, the US Army, UCLA Law and thousands of other individuals, and he has been a guest on several podcasts about vulnerability and masculinity. He has shared his stories and bonded with audiences about the role of authenticity, vulnerability and failure on numerous stages for thousands of people virtually and in person.

Learn more about Dan at DanFaill.com.

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