Speaker Blueprint Masterclass

Our two-day Speaker Blueprint Masterclass provides you with the foundational lessons to begin your speaking career, build a keynote, and market your expertise. From start to finish, you’ll go on a journey guided by seasoned speakers Jess and Dan.

Discover how to share your powerful message with the world.

Over the course of our time together, we’ll help you:

  • Develop and clarify your message
  • Design the framework of your story
  • Craft your personal brand as a speaker
  • Develop your stage character
  • Identify your ideal audience
  • Master your keynote message
  • Name your price
  • Pitch and get booked!

Your story matters, and you’re capable of more than you know. The Speaker Blueprint Masterclass is here to help you discover those capabilities!


Thanks for everyone who participated in 2021. We will see you again in 2022!


$99.00 USD

Yep, that’s all. There’s no upsell, no “in app purchases.” We want to help you succeed as a speaker.

Registration Coming in 2022!

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