Voices for College Masterclass

Our six week intensive Voices for College Masterclass prepares you to understand the unique dynamics of speaking to college audiences and then take your story, message, and expertise and put it on a stage. From start to finish, you’ll go on a journey guided by seasoned speakers Jess and Dan.

Discover how to share your powerful message with college audiences.

Week-by-week, we’ll help you prepare to speak to college audiences:

Week 1:

Foundations of Higher Education: Understanding who your audiences are, who the buyers are, and why speaking to college/university audiences is different. Week 1 features a bonus on-demand session from an industry expert on cognitive/brain development and processing complex issues for college-aged audiences.

Week 2:

Higher Education Expert Panel: Ask industry experts about what topics are front of mind and what they look for in speakers. Week 2 also features TWO bonus on-demand sessions from industry experts on Title IX and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

Week 3:

Turning Your Passions Into a Program: This week we’ll focus on helping you hone in on your topic. Week 3 also features a bonus on-demand session from industry expert on combining passions and speaking creatively.

Week 4:

Building Your Outline: This week we’ll focus on turning ideas into tangible lessons. Week 4 also features a bonus on-demand session focused on creating added value in your programs and becoming a trusted partner.

Week 5:

Storytelling and Stage Character: This week we’ll focus on making lessons come alive through stories and stage presence. Week 5 also features a bonus on-demand session focused on presenting virtually and using slides in your presentation.

Week 6:

Getting Booked & Graduation: This week we’ll focus on getting on stage, pricing, and selling. Week 6 also features TWO bonus on-demand sessions focused on writing conference proposals and creating sizzle reels!


The VIP Experience* includes extra weekly pre-recorded sessions with Dan, Jessica, and industry experts including topics like; speaking to fraternal organizations, talking about sensitive topics with students, the creative process of industry gurus and experts, infusing humor to create powerful learning, insider secrets to getting booked, and much much more!

Dan and Jessica believe in impacting college audiences and want to help more powerful messages spread to this important group of today’s youth. We’re here to help, support, and get your message to the stage with Voices for College Masterclass!



All-access 6-month pass to all class recordings, supplemental videos, homework, and guest panels!

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